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There are more neurons in your brain than there are stars in the known Universe.

OK, How?

The psychological ‘tools’ I use are a product of decades of practical empirical study and research. They are refined, well tested and a relief to experience. They are safe, powerful – and get results. There is nothing quite so personally rewarding for me as seeing clients ‘seamlessly’ getting what they want from our conversations without them noticing how they’re changing, and hearing later that they’re so much happier. It is profoundly satisfying.

Many of these interventions are finely tuned and highly effective, the result of specialist work done over the years. Some are comparatively new, developed in-house over literally the last year or so. You won’t find them anywhere else. Others are well respected and effective time-proven change interventions — having been used by personal development professionals for decades. I tend to discard anything I’m not fully confident about or doesn’t work very well, or is a bit clumsy. I use what will work best.

One thing I’ve learnt that is really important for my relationship with clients is to explain what we’re doing together, there’s no rush (see below) so ask whatever questions you like! New information is key to the process. Whatever we do together has a worthwhile base of knowledge underpinning it, so ask away. Most clients get so engrossed in the session they are happy for me to just ‘get on with it’ – knowing that I will stop and explain wherever it’s going to be helpful and support the outcome we’re after.

I don’t ‘clock-watch’ either. No 50-minute sessions, squeezed in and rushed. Time is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other and having plenty of time to explore allows us both to breathe a little more deeply! If we go over the scheduled 2-hours most sessions involve, you won’t be charged extra. If we stop earlier because you’ve learnt plenty or ‘had enough for today’, any unused time is kept in store for later. Online conversations are a little less predictable time-wise, and that’s ok too.

There’s plenty of time. No rush.

It is worth saying that the psychology field is changing at light-speed, and not everyone working in the field is keeping up or even wants to, particularly when it is easier and quicker to write a script for medication. A conversation with a tired, over-busy professional doesn’t make for a relaxed, productive and freedom-inspiring session so, no, we don’t do ‘busy’ here. I rarely see more than one client in any single day, so when you book your appointment, you’ll be the focus of attention.

I don’t do ‘shallow’. There is little reward for either of us in papering over cracks. Let’s get the work done properly, so you’re no longer plagued by what brought you to where you are now.

One last thing: It is perfectly normal for clients to laugh and cry in the time we’re together. Yes, lots of laughter! Our conversations often turn out to be thoroughly enjoyable. Although there are tears too from time to time, it’s rare for anyone to leave any session without feeling lighter, freer and stronger, more courageous. And smiling.

Look forward to it!