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‘Refine’ check-ins

Some clients want a longer-term regular conversation with me following the Reset appointments they’ve had.

It can make a massive difference to the way you approach the future to know that there is a confidential friend just a call away, and you’ve got a booked-in conversation next week! These, usually monthly, check-ins (not check-ups!) are an ‘anything-goes’ environment.

‘Refine’ Check-Ins provide reassuring longer term personal support for those clients who have asked for an ongoing, usually monthly, conversation that is confidential and supportive of both their work and personal life. An independent objective and trustworthy ‘professional friend’ who is on their side.

In the UK the Prime Minister has a scheduled weekly audience with the Monarch. Their comments about the value of those confidential conversations indicate just how worthwhile they are. Here at MINEM you will find honest, independent, trustworthy, informed and comparatively objective exchanges that brings solidity and strength. You’re in charge!

Your Check-In will be private and filled with encouragement and support. A reliable ‘sounding board’, a very personal opportunity to express and refine your thoughts, ideas and perspective so they serve you well.

Reset and Refine. A valuable, life enhancing combination.